Sunday Sum Up #44 // Taking A Break

Hello loves!

Jeez, I think this is the first time in like 8 months that I've not had posts up for a week! However, over the last 10 days my body finally hit a wall with all the old mental stress, and it decided to pack it in basically. I had my first migraine in 18 months, and the after effect was a 10 day headache. Needless to say, that was not the funnest moment of my life. Talking to my family and boyfriend I was roundly told off for pushing myself to hard in all areas of my life: my fitness, my dissertation, my blog, my work, and job applications.

Isn't it amazing how stress can build up so slowly until on day your body simply decides that it's had enough? I took it as the sign that it was, and for the last 10 days have been trying to slow down. I've been adjusting my schedule so that I can get more sleep, trying not to get as stressed out about work stuff, pick up my meditation schedule and make sure that I have 30 minutes a day to get in some meditation, and all round just take some time off. My parent enforced a relaxing weekend on me with no work and a lot of chilling out, which was nice, because usually I go mad with stress that I'm not doing any productive.

Sometimes I forget that just taking time to wind down can be productive.

Normal blogging service will hopefully resume next week - but it was nice just to not worry about it for a while. It is a hobby and not my job after all!

I'd love to know your top tips for actually relaxing in today's crazy, fast paced society?

Weekly Goals
1. Do at least 20 minutes of meditation each day, and stop worrying whether it's good or bad. 
2. Continue to try out new gym classes - nothing better than discovering new things!
3. Hand in my dissertation.
4. Have a great time in Edinburgh, and do a little exploring and swatching!
5. Read more spiritual books. 

Things I've Loved
1. Pure Pump! It was my first time doing proper weight lifting and I loved it! Even if I am sore now.
2. Taking the time to reach out and reconnect with my friends. I've had a good few catch ups this week and its been great.
3. The email that told me I had a job interview!
4. Listening to good music whilst working.
5. Prosecco! Always...

Things I've Learnt
1. All time spent calming the mind is worthwhile.
2. A unhealthy mind = an unhealthy body and vice versa.
3. If your entire family is concerned you should probably listen.
4. It's ok to relax, time doing nothing can be just as good as time doing something.
5. Impatience will get you no-where.

Quote Of The Week


  1. I definitely think it creeps up on you and them BAM stress overload D: eeesh, but at least you have weekly goals and know what you need to do hun, you are right you definitely need relaxation and sometimes it IS ok to not do anything xxx

  2. A 10 day headache does not sound fun at all, but it's good that those around you could recognise you needed a break and help convince you to do it!

    Hope you feel better soon and enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

    Corinne x

  3. love this post - i adore having goals, really helps organise your time

    from helen at // blog sale

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  4. Bless you, I hope you're feeling better! I find that taking a day here and there to relax and not worry about any projects etc is good for stress busting :) xx


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