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The Perfect One Wash Wonder Eyeshadows That Will Streamline Your Routine

L-R: Lorac Pewter, NARS Himalia, MAC Satin Taupe

One question: can you tell I love me a bit of taupe on the eyelids?

Yes, I think it's clear I have an obsession with the taupe variety of eyeshadows. However, I think for a good reason - they make the perfect one shadow looks.

I've found it doesn't matter if I want a day or night, light or heavy, pretty or smokey look, a multidimensional taupe eyeshadow can deliver the goods. Every time. My top three are the perfect examples of eyeshadows with enough complexity to make it look like you've spend a good 10 minutes, and used a variety of shades, to create a beautiful eye look. In reality you've spent a minute slapping it on with a shader brush and blending it out with a big fluffy brush. 

That's an extra 9 minutes in bed, which is not to be sniffed at.

My top three in the order of the swatches above are as follows:

Lorac Pewter: I'm not even ashamed to admit that a good 75% of the reason that I bought this palette was to get my hands on Pewter. This shade pulls a warm, dirty taupe on me and is perfect for a deep smokey eye with no effort. I like to use this for when I'm going out for dinner, or even just lightly blended for a bit of interest on the eyes in the day. This is sophisticated grunge, and I love it.

NARS Himalia: I just wrote an ode to Himalia which you can find here - safe to say, I love it. This gold taupe is an absolute knockout for day and night and is a dream to blend out and build up. I love wearing this beauty in the day on the upper and lower eyelids pulled out into a slight wing. It has just enough shimmer to be interesting, but not enough to be obnoxious for work. It's a stunner and if you've had one of the NARS Duel Intensity eyeshadows on your lust list I can absolutely recommend this.

MAC Satin Taupe: My oldest, and perhaps still my favourite, taupe. Satin Taupe pull a cool, silvery taupe on me and works wonderfully with my cool complexion. I happily wear this in all situations and think it looks stunning in each and every one. Again, it can be used as a really sheer wash just to give the eyes some definition, or it can be really packed on and blended out to create a smokey eye that would please even the likes of Kate Moss.

I don't see my love affair with taupe eyeshadows ending any time soon. So if you have any more recommendations please throw them my way! I'd also love to hear what eyeshadows you think are perfect one wash wonders.